Terms of Service

The following terms and conditions serve as a user agreement between you and Perfect Schedule ("we"). This agreement governs perfectschedule.com and the service it offers in the ways described. If you cannot agree with these conditions, please do not use the service. This agreement may change at any time without notice; however, the most recent revision date will always be included at the bottom of this document.

Privacy Policy
All personal information pertaining to our customers is kept private and used only in the following manner:

  1. Your email address is used only for this website as a unique login name and for notification and confirmation purposes.
  2. Your password, used to login in to this website, is stored with a one-way encryption. If you forget your password, you can request we reset your password by going here.
  3. Your phone number will not be given out to any third-parties. We will send a text message or a phone call during the notification process associated with the service this website offers. We may also send text messages or make phone calls in order to ask about your happiness with our service.

If we determine that a class for which you have registered for notifications becomes available, we will attempt to notify you by calling and/or sending a text message to the phone number you provided during registration. Any fees incurred by you during the notification or registration process are your responsibility.

Disclaimers and Limitation on Liability

Perfect Schedule offers a course availability notification service. Its function as a service involves nothing else. We cannot guarantee that notifications sent to you will be received. perfectschedule.com is not responsible for any changes you make to your personal course schedule while using our service.

Perfect Schedule is not in any way affiliated with any schools or universities for which we provide service.

We may issue refunds as we feel appropriate. A refund will be issued in the following case(s):

  1. Within 30 days of the end of the course sign-up period on this website for a specific course, if a notification was never received for a course or any of the class sections associated with that course for which you were registered to receive notifications, a refund for all fees associated with that particular course will be issued.

All refunds will be issued via your method of payment. perfectschedule.com logs all notification attempts, and we reserve the right to determine whether or not a notification was sent.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or issues at any time you can send an email to use via our support page or by emailing us directly: support@perfectschedule.com.

Last updated 9/17/2017