Simple Pricing

Here's the rundown on our pricing.


Monitor a class from now until Drop/Add closes for just $10. Includes unlimited notifications.


Additional sections of a class in the same order are just $3 more. Load up on sections for cheap!


After drop/add, we automatically refund any eligible class that didn't open. Read on for more info.

Example order

Course Section Cost
Algebra I 11111 $10
Algebra I 22222 $3
Biology I 55555 $10


In this example, since the order contains two sections of Algebra I, there is a discount on the second section.

If neither Algebra I section opens, you will be refunded $13 after drop/add.

If either section opens you will receive a notification and there is no refund for either class.

Biology I is independent of the Algebra sections, so an opening in either Algebra section has no effect on refund eligibility for the Biology section and vice-versa.