Some questions we've received

What if a course never opens?

At the end of drop/add, we automatically refund any eligible classes that did not open. A class becomes ineligible if it, or any classes with the same name in the same order, opened.

What if a course closes before I get a chance to register?

Unfortunately, this will happen sometimes. We can't control whether someone gets in before you, but you can reactivate notifications for a course for FREE by clicking the 'REACTIVATE' button on the Orders page after logging in.
reactivate example

What if others ask to be notified for the same course as me?

All customers are notified at the same time. There is no priority.

I'm leaving the country and won't be able to receive texts or calls. What should I do?

You can rely on email or you can add international text messaging to your account, which enables you to receive text messages on your non-US phone for 90 days.

I don't receive email when I get notified.

We send an email as part of our notification process. Please make sure that your spam filter is set to allow and

Question not answered by this FAQ?

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