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What is Perfect Schedule?

Perfect Schedule helps you get into classes you need to graduate on time, create a better work schedule, sleep in, or just have three-day weekends this semester.

All Classes

We allow you to register for notifications for any class -- on campus or online.

24x7 Monitoring

We monitor for openings all day and night. Sleep soundly knowing we have your back.

Fast Notifications

We text, call, and email you whenever we detect an opening. We'll be in your face so you get in!

Free Reactivations

If a class closes before you get a seat, just reactivate monitoring for FREE.


Perfect Schedule has been around a long time and we've had many satisifed customers over the years.


We aim to answer 100% of customer emails. Drop us a note on our support page any time.

What students are saying

I needed to get into three full classes next semester to be on track for my new major and I'm already in two of them, after just a week. Awesome.